We are aware of our responsibility to our local environment and community. Mt Duneed Estate works to ensure we educate our team and engage in ways to reduce our impact on our environment.

We have solar panels installed to allow us to significantly reduce our need for traditional power.

We are conscious to blend into the environment and only water main areas of the venue via our dam which is located at the bottom of our venue. The placement of our dam ensures the easy capture of excess water which is then reused around the property.

We use BottleCycler to reduce our volume of glass recycling. Each small bin can hold up to 300 bottles, taking up far less space and energy to store and empty large bins.

The oil used in our kitchen is collected by a local company to recycled and repurposed in other industries.

Our cardboard is sorted and recycled to ensure it can be turned into useful products.

We harvest olives from our Olive Grove to produce our own olive oil.

Our kitchen has a strong focus on sourcing local and seasonal produce.